Monday, February 09, 2009

New blog!

Hey, it's been a while since I updated this blog. Wanted to tell you about a new blog I'm hosting at

This one and my other blogs (like this one and this one) are more "topical" in nature. is going to be my main place to talk about whatever I'm thinking about, sharing some very cool thoughts on marketing, success, making money, etc.

Come check it out!

Tony Rush

P.S. My most recent post there is my #1 secret for achieving goals F-A-S-T! Check it out...

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Feature Video: How To Earn $181,000 In One Month

Liberty League is pleased to announce that Lynn McFarland-Smith is the Associate of the Month for December 2008.

Watch as this video highlights Lynn's stunning success with Liberty League International as he reached a $181,000 income in less than one year in the business!

Are YOU ready to create YOUR Liberty League story?

Contact me at or at 334-655-8194 to get more information on what YOU can create with Liberty League International!

Tony Rush
Executive Marketing Council, LLI

Monday, November 24, 2008

Want To Get Behind-The-Scenes?


Want to get behind-the-scenes?

Want to see what being in Liberty League is REALLY like before getting started?

Want to see things with your own two eyes?

Would you like to attend a private function ONLY for Liberty League associates....for FREE?

Liberty League International is hosting a one-day event in Los Angeles, California on January 10th at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza.


This is our annual Kick Off event for associates only. It's a one-day business training for our associates so they can create HUGE results in January and in 2009.

This is not an event designed for the general public. It's normally for associates only. We'll be doing training on:
  • how to have hundreds of people contacting you and asking you for information on your business
  • how to create massive duplication so that you're pocketing multiple $1,000 profits daily
  • how to create "cash on demand" by following a simple 3-step system
  • the real "Nina Master" tips and tricks for creating incomes of $50,000 per month and up
  • and much more.
You'll also have the opportunity to personally meet the founders of the company and find out what life is REALLY like in Liberty League International.

Let me be clear: at this event, you will have a personal chance to mastermind one-on-one with people who are earning tens-of-thousands of dollars per WEEK from home. If I hosted a generic "internet marketing" seminar with these people, the cost to attend would be over $10k per person. These are the top earners in the industry.


But I've got your ticket.

Seriously. I'll pay your way in.

Why? Because I'm so confident in what you'll see "behind the scenes" that I'm willing to pay the cost of your $189 ticket so you can see Liberty League for yourself.

All the risk is on me. There are no strings attached.

And as an added bonus, you'll get a FREE private mastermind with me on "How I Earned $15,000 In Personal Net Profit In My First 30 Days".
  • How I marketed.
  • Where I ran my ads.
  • The exact ads I ran.
  • How I converted leads to sales.
  • And much more.
So....there's the offer. Are you REALLY serious about Liberty League?

Serious enough to meet me in Los Angeles on January 10th?

Contact me on the details below and I'll be happy to speak with you personally to get your registered for this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Tony Rush
Executive Marketing Council, LLI
US: 334-655-8194 iPhone
Australia (Sydney): (02) 8005 1918
United Kingdom (London): 020 8144 0519
New Zealand (Auckland): 09 889 3202

Liberty League goes....Spanish!

Wow. Talk about a TON of announcements at once. Here we go....
  • In a move that's often not made by companies 20+ years old, Liberty League International has announced that all products, websites and events are now offered in Spanish. This will accommodate millions of people around the world who are Spanish-speaking or bi-lingual.
  • Beyond Freedom Spanish is available NOW for pre-order and will be shipped in January 2009.
  • We are also providing live, real-time Spanish translation by earphones at all our business training events as well as the Liberty Conference and Summit Conferences. The first "translated" event will be at the 2009 KickOff Event in Los Angeles, California on January 10th.
  • The Liberty League website is also now available in Spanish at . Spanish-speaking associates also now have a fully-functional Spanish "back office" for managing orders, market tested ads, training calls, etc.
  • We now host live business training calls in Spanish Tuesday-Thursday....and a business presentation call in Spanish. (You can hear a recorded presentation in Spanish at 618-355-1670)
  • Liberty League has also announced the first European "Super Saturday" event in Malaga, Spain on January 31st.
Now, what does this mean to you and I? It means that there are millions of people who couldn't say 'yes' to Liberty League last week....but they can today!

Who else wants to be at the top of the mountain for Liberty League Spanish?

Get your position locked in NOW. Enroll as a Liberty League associate at or and contact me immediately at the numbers below to take advantage of this timing!

Tony Rush
Executive Marketing Council, LLI
US: 334-655-8194 iPhone
Australia (Sydney): (02) 8005 1918
United Kingdom (London): 020 8144 0519
New Zealand (Auckland): 09 889 3202

Friday, November 14, 2008

I LOVE This Economy!

What's REALLY going on with the economy? Watch this video to find out!

Tony Rush
Executive Marketing Council,
Liberty League International

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A personal message from the Bahamas

It's 9:30am on a Tuesday. Look around you.

Now, watch this video.

Tony Rush
Executive Marketing Council, LLI