Thursday, October 18, 2007

A backstage message from The Liberty Conference

Here's a backstage message from The Liberty Conference...

Don't miss out!
Tony Rush
Summit Advisor, EMC, LLI

Will and Pate meet Phil Keoghan

Phil Keoghan -- host of the Emmy-award winning show "The Amazing Race" was one of the featured speakers at our Liberty Conference last week.

My boys had an absolute blast hanging out with him and hearing about his thoughts on "NOW: No Opportunity Wasted".

And this is what the Liberty Conference is about: connecting with people who are living life on purpose and learning the tools and techniques involved in creating a "life without limits".

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The next Liberty Conference will take place in Waikiki, Hawaii on July 10-12. Get the details today!

Tony Rush
Executive Marketing Council,
Liberty League International

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

What's better than First Class?

What's better than flying first class? Watch the video here to find out more about the lifestyle YOU deserve.

Liberty League International is all about creating a lifestyle of freedom and abundance NOW....not years down the road.

There's no difference between me and you.....I've just made different decisions than you have at this point. Get the details on how Liberty League International works and how you can start creating the income and lifestyle you deserve.

Tony Rush
Summit Advisor
Liberty League International