Friday, February 08, 2008

Can you really make money faster?

Someone asked me the other day, "Can I really make money faster in Liberty League than I can in a normal multi-level marketing pay plan?"

My answer was pretty simple. "Brenda, if you were in a multi-level marketing plan and someone in your downline bought some product this'd probably make $10 or less on that purchase. At that rate, it would take you 8 years and 4 months to earn $1,000 on that customer's purchases.

"In Liberty League, you earn a minimum of $1,000 everytime someone buys a product. And the beautiful thing is that it takes no more time, effort, energy or marketing to earn $1,000 profits as it does to earn $5 profits. You're still going to be 'working' around 15-20 hours a week."

"So, the only question is......what is your time worth? "

It's not hard to figure out.

Tony Rush