Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ditching The Need For Other's Approval

One thing is for sure: if you want to be radically successful in any area of life, it's going to require to adopt a policy of not giving a hoot what the masses think.

Get that.

If you've been in the "herd" and you finally decide to make a run for the're not going to be able to hold hands with the herd and hop into your new life at the same time

Most people have a huge appetite for other people's approval. "If I start a diet, my girlfriends are going to just point out how I failed at the last 6 I've started." Or, "If I start a home business, my father is going to laugh at me for joining 'one of those things'".

Do you feel that way? Here's a solution for you:

Cowboy up and tell those folks to mind their own business.

I kid you not. If you've got someone in your life that's constantly berating you...criticizing you....reminding you of your failures....trying to run your life for you.....

.....then you'd better do something about it. Because if you're not willing to do that, you're basically saying "Their opinion and approval is more important to me than my highest good."

Life is too short to play to the wrong crowd. Choose your dream and go for it.

The herd will still be crazing in the field while you're standing atop your mountain!

Tony Rush
Executive Marketing Council,
Liberty League International
Your Best Life Waits Here

Friday, June 20, 2008

So you watched "The Secret".....

So you watched "The Secret"....

So you read the book....

So you downloaded "The Science of Getting Rich"....

So you went to a Tony Robbins weekend....

So you read "Think and Grow Rich"....

So you've been around personal development for years....

.......and you've learned some really "profound" things.

Let me ask you a question, though:
How profound is it if you know everything and your life doesn't work any better?

Does it really matter how educated you are about success principles if you can't see a dramatic difference between how your life looks as a result of what you know?
Seriously. Think about that.

Because, here's the thing: you've got a limited amount of time on this earth before your ride is over. And every day, week, month and year that goes by in your present situation a day, week, month or year that you are

Period. End of Story

All the resources I mentioned at the top of this post are GREAT. They really are. But, if your life is not a demonstration of what you know....then you're still not getting it.

The Beyond Freedom Life Achievement Course is unique in that it has a built-in COMMUNITY of people whom you can mastermind with daily and weekly.

It's not a book.
It's not a DVD.
It's not a CD.
It's not a study guide.

It's all of those things PLUS a personal experience.

Check it out for yourself at

Start living the life you deserve right NOW. Not tomorrow.

Tony Rush
Executive Marketing Council,
Liberty League International

Monday, June 16, 2008

Want a screenshot of my Inbox?

Every week I talk to dozens of people. Many of them have already had experience in a home business of some kind and they quit because they didn't have a system in place.

So, one of the questions they ask is: Tony, do you really have a system in place that I can use to get lots of people to respond to my marketing?

And the answer is 'yes'. In fact, here's proof:

All of these are people who have asked me for information on Liberty League International.

Read that again.

These are not purchased leads.
These are not people whose information I bought.

These are real people who know my name and who are expecting a phone call from me. People who have said, "Tony, I have time, money and interest and I want to know more about Liberty League".

How would you like to have a system in place where you can LITERALLY have more people asking you for information than you have time to call back?

It's a blast, I can tell you. In fact, I'll give away many of these leads to my team. Do you want to help me call some of them back?

I work with serious, coachable and trainable people who are dead serious about getting their first $1,000 profit in record time. And if you are that person, then I have absolutely no reservations about making sure you've got people to talk to on your first day in the business.

And you'll also learn EXACTLY how to create "leads on demand" and make sure that you always have more people to talk than you need.

Look at it again:

A good percentage of these people WILL purchase a copy of the Beyond Freedom course from me in the next 72 hours. And I will earn $1,000 profit on each sale.

Wouldn't you like to be in the same business I'm in?

Call me. I'll be traveling on Wednesday but you can reach me on my cell: 334-655-8194. If the voicemail is full, drop me an email to

Tony Rush

Friday, June 13, 2008

Liberty League Goes Green!

Liberty League International decided to go green this June. In honor of World Environment Day, the League redesigned their Beyond Freedom product packaging to use only eco-friendly materials. The redesign was the company’s contribution in a worldwide effort to achieve a low carbon economy.

Liberty League found a way to reduce the harm done to the atmosphere by changing their product packaging. The newly re-designed Beyond Freedom kit does not use foam at all and is made from materials that are 100% recyclable. Switching to recyclable materials and removing foam from the packaging was how Liberty League kicked their habit of relying on materials that are known to be hazardous to the environment.

Read the complete story here.

It's all a part of how Liberty League International is committed to changing the world!

Tony Rush
Executive Marketing Council, LLI
334-655-8194 iPhone

Thursday, June 05, 2008

The "truth" about Liberty League?

Every once in a while someone will say "Hey, Tony, did you hear about this thing that was said online about Liberty League?" And I usually haven't seen it or heard about it. I'm pretty selective about what I choose to put my attention, energy and focus on.

But, I'll say, "No, what is it?" And it's someone who's saying they've got the "truth" about Liberty League.

And it really cracks me up sometimes. I even read in one post that I'm the CEO of Liberty League! Me! Who writes this stuff?

Anyway, I ran across a site today called that was a bit of surprise to me. I hadn't seen that one before. Looks like someone finally decided to stop being emotional and actually state a rare and truthful experience.

Check it out.

Tony Rush