Friday, April 22, 2005

Are you a caterpillar or a goldfish?

Ever heard of a "processionary caterpillar"? Processionary caterpillars travel in long, undulating lines, one creature behind the other.

Jean Hanri Fabre, the French entomologist, once led a group of these caterpillars onto the rim of a large flowerpot so that the leader of the procession found himself nose to tail with the last caterpillar in the procession, forming a circle without end or beginning.

Through sheer force of habit and, of course, instinct, the ring of caterpillars circled the flowerpot for seven days and seven nights, until they died from exhaustion and starvation. The sad part is that there was an ample supply of food close at hand and plainly visible.

But it was outside the range of the circle, so the caterpillars continued along the beaten path. Until they died.

That's the first point. The second point is this:

If a goldfish has been in a bowl for at least 30 days, you can put him into a pond and he will continue to swim in the same circle forever. Only in very rare situations will he discover that he's no longer confined by a small glass enclosure. For the most part, he'll sit right there in a gallon or so of water and -- unless food happens to come his way -- he'll die of starvation or a predator. So, here's the kicker for you.

1. First of all, this message is for YOU. Not everyone else reading this. Just YOU.

2. Secondly, for just a moment, consider that your current plan for building your success might not be the best one. In fact, it might be way off base. You might be a processionary caterpillar on the rim of flowerpot....or you might be a goldfish who is bound by invisible borders.

3. Assuming for a moment that either possibility is true...,what would you do to make sure that you don't stay in that situation for another 24 hours?

Regardless of your political affiliation, this quote from Al Gore is one of the best I've seen on this subject:

"In a world of disconcerting change, when large, complex forces threaten
familiar and comfortable guideposts, the natural impulse is to grab hold of the
tree trunk that seems to have the deepest roots and hold on for dear life.

And never question the possibility that it's not going to be the source of your
salvation..." -- Al Gore

Think about it....

Friday, April 15, 2005

Why I chose Liberty League International

I get several people who call me each week asking about the difference between Liberty League International and "those other companies". There are other companies who have a similar pay plan who offer discounted vacations. Others offer downloadable "products" only.

We own a lead company that serves clients in 26 different companies. Because of this, I talk to dozens of distributors each week in various companies. Some of the top earners of these companies are in our database of clients.

So, when we started looking at Liberty League, we naturally checked out their competitors. Or, rather, the companies that offered a similar pay plan. (Liberty League International has no direct sales compeition on their product. I'm not aware of any company producing a product remotely like theirs.)

In the end, we chose Liberty League deliberately. Here are some of the reasons that we didn't go with the "other" companies offering similar pay plans.

I like that it's not being run from a foreign country. I like the fact that Liberty League International is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and not an offshore country. I like the fact that the company is structured according to laws that protect the consumer.

I like that there's a real home office. A real customer service staff. A real phone number. A real building that you could actually walk into and see a receptionist who says, Welcome to Liberty League International...can I help you? Whether you'd ever visit or not, it's nice to know that it's not being run out of someone's basement and presenting itself as grander than it really is.

I like that a customer orders their Beyond Freedom course and gets a big brown truck pulling up in their driveway with big box full of CDs, DVD, etc. Not just a link to go download an ebook. The product is tangible and has intrinsic value to the end consumer. It's not just a token product that's in place to allow people to move money around.

I like that the company stands behind its product with an unconditional money-back guarantee. I like that a customer can evaluate the product and choose whether it's worth the purchase price. They have plenty of time after receiving the product to determine its value in their life and to choose to keep it or request a 100% refund.

I like that the company provides a "no-guesswork" bluepint instead of leaving their reps to figure out the business on their own. I like that they have 29 live guest presentations every week as well as 14 live training calls. I love that a person can join the business and actually see financial results in their first 48-72 hours. (As a sidenote, we do lots of training for lots of companies. I've never had an LLI client who called me requesting training on how to work the business. I have, however, trained several people in the vacation and ebook companies.)

I looked at the other companies. I didn't see what I saw at Liberty League International. Oh, I saw a 7-minute flash presentation. I heard some good conference calls. But, those are easy to come by. Lots of companies have those.

But, when I got a plane and sat down with the founder of Liberty League International, I saw what I did NOT see in the other companies: a true system where someone can build a large immediate income with a valuable product that people actually WANT....and a long-term income potential that's based on a company that's here to stay.

Friday, April 08, 2005

The hidden block to your prosperity

Are you familiar with the concept that you can never earn more money than your mindset will allow? It's true.
For instance, if you've got a $50,000 mindset and you're in a MILLION dollar opportunity.....

...well, you'll just take that million dollar opportunity and go make
$50,000 with it.
Read that again and you'll find the clue. What's the hidden block that's keeping you from earning the full potential of that business?


That's all. It's not the company. It's not the pay plan. It's not the leads. It's not the system. It's not your sponsor. It's you.

Here's the fact: your best thinking has put you exactly where you are right now. Your current lifestyle is nothing more than an outward reflection of how you think. So, if you don't like where you are and what your thinking has produced, it's time to realize that you can change your situation in a heartbeat. It starts with a simple decision to be open to more prosperity in your life and being willing to tap into the thinking of successful people.

The hidden block to your success? You! How soon can you change your thinking?

Tony Rush
"The significant problems we face cannot be solved by the same quality of thinking that created them." -- Albert Einstein

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

So, what's the product REALLY like (part two)

If you don't have time to read this post, here's an online video that highlights the most recent Liberty conference. Enjoy!

In my last post, I outlined our thoughts about the home study course. But, you probably know that Liberty League International has a total of three products. The other two courses are actually live events that take place a total of four times a year. They are called the Liberty Conference and the Summit Conference.

The Liberty Conference is a 4-day event in an exotic locale that focuses on the principles taught and discussed in the Beyond Freedom Home Study Course.

The Summit Conference is a 5-day event in an even more prosperous location that teaches financial strategies that help you get your money working for you. (No tax-haven strategies are taught in this course.)

Soon after buying our Beyond Freedom course, we learned that the next Liberty conference was going to be taking place within a month in Cancun, Mexico. As soon as we discovered the quality of the product and the company, we knew that we wanted to attend a live event to see what it was like.

Two words: first class.

The Liberty event isn't your basic MLM conference in a Holiday Inn somewhere. It's not a deal where you show up at the Marriott in Orlando with a couple hundred people from your MLM company. And it's not company training or business-building information.

No, it's a first-class event held in an exotic location and features world-class speakers. Past speakers have included Randy Gage, Patrick Combs, Andy Andrews, Bob Proctor, Doug Weed, etc.

This particular event was held at the Moon Palace in Cancun which is a great resort no matter WHO is doing an event there. But, we arrived to find that the resort was decorated for Liberty League's arrival. LLI had arranged for VIP check-in so we didn't have to go to the lobby with the rest of the resort's guests. They'd basically created an entirely other layer of service and lifestyle on TOP of what the resort was offering.

The first session of the conference was evidence that this wasn't your typical "company convention" or "MLM event". The meeting room was approximately as wide as a football field and about half as deep.

The stage was in the center of the long wall and four massive TV screens were placed on the sides of the stage so that each of the 1,200 attendees would be able to see and hear everything. Everything was recorded and displayed by a film crew that included boom cameras, tripod cameras, and lots of guys running around with cameras on their shoulders.

In fact, here's a pic of one of the sessions:

The lineup for the event included Michael Losier, Andy Andrews and Bill Phillips. Michael Losier is the best-selling author of the book, The Law of Attraction. Andy Andrews is the best-selling author of The Traveler's Gift and The Lost Choice. A modern-day Will Rogers, he has done 4 command performances for four U.S. Presidents and does consulting for many multi-million dollar companies like Microsoft.

Bill Phillips is the multi- multi-millionaire philanthropist that founded Body For Life and the nutritional company EAS. Known around the world for his 12-week "Body For Life" challenge, Bill has also donated millions of dollars to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

I learned some "inside information" on how Bill Phillips got there. When Liberty League contacted him about speaking, he said that public speaking wasn't really what he did. He gets more than 300 event requests a year and turns almost all of them down.

But, when he learned what Liberty League's vision and product lineup was, he agreed to come. When LLI asked for his speaker's fee, he said, If you guys do what you say you do, I'll come speak for free. I'll simply ask that you write a check for to the Make-A-Wish foundation. My understanding is that it was for six-figures.

And that's what LLI did. Bill Phillips flew down, spoke for two hours, gave away 1,200 copies of his new book "Eating For Life" (about $50k worth of books) and stayed over for the black-tie event as well.

The Liberty Event was easily the best-organized, most professional and powerful live event I've attended. We've put together an online video that highlights many of the activities....but it's nothing compared to actually being there. You can watch the online video here.

The next one is at El Conquistador in Puerto Rico in June. We'll see you there!

Tony Rush

So, what's the product REALLY like? (part one)

I'll admit it: I'm an information junkie.

If there's a good book, tape set or other resource available that will tell me something I'm curious about or want to learn.....well, I've got the cash in my hand quicker than you can say the words "personal development".

And, I know the value of good information.

About 18 months ago, I bought some information for $500 that allowed me to do well over six figures last year.....I'd say that's a pretty good trade. So, I'm well aware that there are lots of things I don't know -- that if I DID know them -- would make me alot of money.

So, when I first looked at the Beyond Freedom Home Study course and saw the $1,495 price tag, I wasn't overly concerned. In my thoughts, I figured that if there were one or two ideas in that course that would allow me to see results in my life....then $1,495 would be pretty cheap indeed.

But, I have to admit I was surprised at what was included in the course. I'm a long-time customer of Nightingale-Conant and I'm used to home study courses that have a little 16-page book with some CDs and that's it.

So, when the big brown truck pulled up at our house, I was surprised by the size of the box. This was obviously not your basic home study course. Jessica got to it before I did and did the ol' I've got it and you don't, na-na-na-na-naa-na thing. Finally, (after promises of dinners out and another cruise), she surrendered and we opened the thing.

DVD. CDs. Goal cards. Journaling System. 90-day Workbook with interactive exercises. All in a professional, luxurious packaging.

We popped in the DVD. I was impressed.

Ever notice how most direct sales companies skimp on their audio/video stuff? Not Liberty League International. It was obvious that this DVD wasn't filmed with a SteadyShot camera and produced on a laptop. Heck, it looked like it came out of Hollywood (which turned out not to be far from the truth).

Everything was top notch and it was obvious that LLI had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars producing the audios, videos and printed materials.

But, the real question was about the information. I was glad to see that the course wasn't full of alot of vague philosophy. It's very practical in terms of explaining that your present circumstances are an outward reflection of how you position your mindset. And it explains in nuts-and-bolts detail what you need to do in order to start attracting more of the things that you want in life and less of the things you don't want.

And it works like a spotlight: it will illuminate ANY area of your life that you apply it to: marriage, parenting, physical health, emotional health, spirituality, finances, debt-repayment, education, coaching, workplace issues, hobbies, ..... the list goes on and on. Because the course teaches you how to use your mind to your greatest advantage, it will literally impact every area of your life in a way that produces massive results.

And isn't that what I paid for?

The Beyond Freedom Home Study Course is a great example of a product that was under-promised and over-delivered. The only problem is that -- like any GREAT information -- it should probably sell for alot more and here's why:

At $1,495 I can see that there are probably a certain percentage of people who buy the course, take it out, put in a CD and never really commit to going through the program every day for 90 days. These are the same people who buy an exercise bike for $250, don't ride it and complain they're not losing weight. If this course sold for $10,000 then I'm sure more people would give it the attention it deserves....

....and would be living the life they want.