Monday, May 23, 2005

What's the support REALLY like?

Leaving a company where you've earned six-figures is not something to take lightly.

When we looked at Liberty League, one of the big questions we had was: what is the company support like? Well, actually, my question was a little more like this: "Hey, I know that Liberty League is like most direct sales companies where most of the training and support is distributor-provided. So, how much extra training and support will I have to offer my team in order to make this thing work?"

My sponsor was confused. "Huh? You won't be doing ANY. It's all done for you by the company."

"Oh, come on," I said. "You mean that the company is actually providing all the support structure? If they are, it'll be the first time I've ever seen a company do it. Nearly every direct sales/MLM company I've ever been involved in had sub-standard training and support that I was required to implement my own system in order to get my team into profit. And you're saying Liberty League is doing it all corporately? This I gotta see...."

So, here's what I did. I left everything I knew about prospecting and recruiting at the door. I committed to ONLY following the same system that the company teaches. I modeled my activities after what my enroller was doing.

And I was amazed.

In the 90 days that I've been involved in Liberty League, I've not had to do any instruction. Any role-playing with my new associates. No script-training. No teaching how to prospect. No teaching how to follow-up. No teaching how to set appointments.

The company hosts a total of 29 live guest presentations each week that are completely interactive. So, all of my presentations are done for me. I don't explain anything to anyone. No more one-on-one presentations in coffee shops.

The company also provides a total of 13 live and interactive training calls for Associates. Everything is covered from "get started training" to "black belt marketing". It's all there in a nuts-and-bolts format with nothing held back.

Additionally, the company website provides all the prospect tracking, autoresponders, follow-up, presentation invites, etc.

It's all being done for me.

The result? I've got a higher percentage of people earning money in my organization than I've had in any other business. And I managed to receive a Rising Star Award for being a top producer in Liberty League International even though I'd only been with the company for 90 days. (See photo)

Bottom line: The system works. The training works. And the only people who don't succeed here are the ones who either don't do the work or who insist on reinventing the wheel.

Amazing. A company that actually offers 100% support so you never have to go elsewhere for instruction, training or tools.

-- TR

Don't stare at the cup of coffee!

We talk alot about the law of attraction and the importance of having a "prosperous attitude" in our industry. But, many people have trouble getting their heads around these terms and putting them to practical use.

This analogy might help. To me, the mindset of attracting a given result, situation or circumstance in my life is a little like walking around with a hot cup of coffee. Have you ever done that?

If you stare at the cup, you'll spill it.
If you completely disregard the cup, you'll spill it.

It's almost as though you have to have a focused inattention on it. A casual air that says, "Yeah, I've got a cup of coffee in my hand but I'm really more interested in looking at these paintings over here...."

And -- poof -- just like that, you can walk through a room of crowded people, talking, laughing and enjoying yourself......all the while you're carrying that cup of coffee along for a safe ride that never loses a drop.

To me, manifesting my goals is like that. If I obsess about them or constantly check to see what my progress is, I fall into the category of "struggle" which is always counterproductive. (Success and manifesting goals requires effort but rarely ever involves struggle.) Yet, if I go to the other extreme and don't give them any attention at all, I'm just being apathetic and unorganized. Nothing happens.

To me, the right balance of just doing your part and knowing -- really knowing -- that the given result is coming. It's all about just doing your part, trusting the system and relaxing into the process.

I'm not staring at the cup of coffee.... It's a balance. It's a flow. It's a calm, quiet sense of certainty that says, "This goal is mine, it's on the way and all I have to do is trust the process, relax into the laws of prosperity and watch my efforts manifest my goals with wondrous results....."

So, the moral of the story is: smile! Don't worry too much about the cup of coffee.....just make sure you've got plenty of prospects, the right methods and you're in a business that will reward you with abundance everytime someone buys a product.

It really IS that simple! Isn't that exciting?

Monday, May 02, 2005

What 86% of home-business entrepreneurs want...

I ran across two interesting facts this week that make for an interesting side-by-side comparison.

Here's the first: John David Mann, the chief editor for Networking Times, the MLM industry's leading publication is quoted as saying "creating millionaires is not what [MLM] does best. What we do best is hundredaires and thousandaires."

Secondly, consider a 10-year survey conducted of more than 6,000 active home-based business entrepreneurs. The survey question asked, "What is the minimum you'd have to earn on a monthly basis to consider yourself successful"? A whopping 86% said that they'd need $6-10K per month. Another 8% said they would want to earn one million per year. Only 8% said they were interested in working part-time for a few hundred dollars per month.

This may explain a great deal of frustration with the MLM industry. There's a large disparity between what people earn and what they WANT to earn. Particularly when MLM generally requires a large organization of people in order to create a significant income.

This disparity has caused a great many people to opt for more profitable home businesses like Liberty League International where they can create an executive-level income within their first 90 days by following a proven system. And -- more importantly -- they can completely break even with only FOUR people instead of with dozens. (Do the math sometime on most MLM companies. You literally need 20-50 people in most companies just to cover your own monthly product purchases.)

All this begs the obvious question: if it takes the same amount of time and effort to recruit someone into a standard MLM program and earn a few dollars on a bottle of vitamins.....

......why not invest that same time and effort into a business that will pay you $1,000 for each person you sell a product to?