Monday, December 05, 2005

What's going on in Whistler, British Columbia?

What's going on in Whistler? The 2005 Liberty League International Summit Conference!

For those of you who haven't heard about the Summit Conference and what it involves, visit the company website at for details. But, suffice to say that it's the pinnacle of Liberty League's robust product line!

This year's Summit conference is being held at the beautiful Fairmont Chateau pictured to the left. It's absolutely amazing.

We got to Whistler after a couple of airline flights and a beautiful, scenic drive from Vancouver, B.C. The mountains have been spectacular and the snow and Christmas decorations have definitely gotten us in the spirit.

But, on top of that, we're getting the most cutting-edge financial information that's available in today's marketplace. For the next five days, we'll have some of the financial world's top money wizards talking to us about how to get our money working for us.

Make no mistake about this. It's not a convention where you're listening to a bunch of bean-counters drone on about how to balance your checkbook. Most of the people on our itinerary are people that you couldn't even speak to unless you had seven-figures to invest. But, they're hear this week sharing some VERY powerful strategies that you can use to get your money moving along faster than you can imagine.

In other words, this isn't Suze Orman. It's not David Bach. It's not Larry Burkett or Dave Ramsey. These are the caliber of people who teach THOSE people what THEY should be doing with their dollars!

And it's not calculus. Or voodoo. Or weird offshore tax haven stuff. These are powerful techniques -- presented in everyday language -- that will completely change the way you look at money.

As a matter of fact, let me close with this. Today was our first session and I've already learned TWO ways that will amount to -- literally -- hundreds of thousands of dollars of savings and growth in the course of the next 10 years.

Yeah. Between that and my luxury suite....I think my Summit Ticket was a good investment for the Rush Family. :)

Stay tuned for updates from Whistler!


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