Monday, August 28, 2006

It's true -- I'm lazy

Ok, I said it.

It's true. I'm lazy. I don't like working.

I sleep late. I don't use an alarm clock (although our newborn son, Easton, frequently fills in as one!). But, no, I don't jump out of the bed at 6am to tackle the world. If I have my way, I'll be in the bed until around 8am and will only wake up when our other two sons (Will and Pate) come jump on the bed to play.

So, what happens when a guy who likes to be lazy also wants to get rich?

Simple. You break out of the status quo and decide to find a way to do it YOUR way. You dismiss any idea that massive success involves "hard work". Or that you have to work long hours. Or that you have to kiss ass all the way to the top of some corporate ladder just hoping you don't get knifed in the back along the way.

Screw that.

No, here's what I envisioned as my ideal situation: I wanted to sleep late. Get up. Spend time with my family. Do something from home for an hour or so. Go eat lunch. Maybe do some shopping. Or take a nap. Or play with the kids. Maybe twitch my finger later in the day toward doing something to earn some money. And then spend the rest of the evening watching movies with my wife/lover/best friend in the world.

And, I figure that -- if the way I earned money could be done with a cellphone and laptop -- well, I can do all that stuff from a hotel suite in Atlanta, New York, Cancun or Las Vegas, too. No need to stay home all the time and work out of a spare bedroom. I figured it would be just as easy to earn money while looking out over the Gulf of Mexico as it would to do it from a spare bedroom in our house.

But, what's a guy to do? Where on earth can a lazy guy find a way to earn a ridiculous, obscene income by working only 2-3 hours a day doing something that doesn't involve any struggle, hard work or corporate nonsense?

Ah.....Liberty League International came across my desk. What a match. A place where I could plug in, work with a bunch of other people who put a high premium on lifestyle, family and fun....and where I could earn a multiple six (seven?) figure income without having to do all that nasty stuff like "work".

The result? Well, the results speak for themselves! Earning more money in a WEEK than most people earn in a YEAR. Traveling the world. Spending more time doubled over in laughter with friends and family than anyone I know....

Yeah. This is the life.

Wanna play? Hop in. The water's fine...

Tony Rush
Summit Advisor
Liberty League International

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