Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Back from Sydney, Australia!

We're back from the 2007 Summit Conference in Sydney, Australia and it was absolutely phenomenal! (I'll post a few pics below but if you want to see a ton of other pics, visit our Australian Photo Blog here.

I often wonder how it's possible that Liberty League can continue to raise the bar again and again no matter how many conferences we attend....but they do. And this one was no exception.

We kicked off the first general session with Bob Proctor whom many millions know from the movie "The Secret". Bob is one of the most notable teachers in the world on how to create powerful results in record time. He spent a tremendous amount of time assisting our attendees in discovering exactly how to "live with intent".

We also had the best-selling author of The Intention Experiment, Lynn McTaggart. Lynn has become a worldwide clearing-house for hundreds of independent scientists who are using science to discover exactly how our own thoughts impact the physical world. Her talk (as well as her book) is focused on how you can direct the creative power of thought to create results in any area of life. (Pretty handy for people who want to live their life "on purpose"!)

On the third day of the conference, Matt Brady facilitated one of the most powerful experiences one can participate in: walking on fiery coals. After a two-hour talk about the power of the human spirit and breaking through limiting beliefs.....hundreds of people did the impossible: they walked barefoot across beds of coals burning at 1200 degrees Farenheit. It was an amazing experience.

Add to all that...many of us attended "The Barber of Seville" at one of the most famous buildings in the world: the Sydney Opera House. I climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge (which you can see photos of here.

We ate in incredible 5-star restaurants like ARIA (where Jessica and I dined before attending the Opera). And many of our friends went to Minus5 -- a lounge where everything is made of ice: the walls, the floor, the bar, the stools...everything.

And the hotel? Magnificent. We stayed at the Sydney Intercontinental, barely a stone's throw from the Opera House and the Bridge. The service was spectacular and the suites were incredible. Our concierge was a miracle-worker; anytime we required anything, he was able to pull off the impossible (including, as it turns out, finding soy-based baby formula in a city where it's just not very available!)

Someone said, "Hey, I could get used to living like this"....but here's the thing: they ARE living like this! This is the life that is available to anyone -- ANYONE -- who is willing to work a few hours a week with a proven system and being willing to not settle for anything less than luxury.

And THAT is the life that you deserve.

Do you believe that you're capable of living this kind of lifestyle?
If so....what's stopping you? Because whatever is keeping you from saying "yes" to the life you deserve is what's running your life right now.

Success is a decision. Decide now. Find out how Liberty League can change your life in a dramatic way.

Tony Rush
Executive Marketing Council,
Liberty League International
205-267-1033 office/cell

P.S. I won't even tell you how much money we earned in our business WHILE I was vacationing in Sydney. Suffice it to say that it's more than I used to bring home in 8 months as an Assistant Manager at Waldenbooks! Find out more of my story here.

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