Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Phil Keoghan, host of "The Amazing Race" To Speak At Liberty Conference 2007

It's official: Phil Keoghan, host of the CBS Emmy-award winning show, The Amazing Race will be one of the speakers at the Liberty Conference in Cancun, Mexico on October 11-13th.

Phil Keoghan is in his 11th season of The Amazing Race and has hosted more than 1,000 shows since the age of 19. His forte' is traveling the world and highlighting examples of people who live life "on purpose" and in empowering others to break through barriers.

Speaking for corporate events is not Phil's normal "gig". I read his book -- NOW: No Opportunity Wasted -- a year ago and contacted him to find out if he ever did any speaking. He's more into TV and expressed a certain "selectiveness" about what kinds of speaking engagements he was willing to be involved in. The producer of live events contacted him with some materials that highlighted who Liberty League is and what kinds of events we host...he heartily agreed to come and speak for us.

It's going to be an "Amazing" event with the host of "The Amazing Race"!

Tony Rush
Executive Marketing Council
Liberty League International

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