Monday, August 11, 2008

$500? C'mon....please.


I just don't get it.

I was just reading a blog. The writer is an MLMer.
That is, he's in multi-level marketing.

And my intention isn't to bash on MLM. There's plenty enough of that going around.

I'm grateful to MLM. It was the first thing that allowed me to consider the possibility that I could work from home.

But, as I look at most MLMers today, it seems to me that they're all committed to playing small.

Here's an example of what I mean. On the blog I just finished reading, the writer was offering the question "How much money do you need in the bank at 3% interest to earn $500 a month?" Answer: About $200,000.

And he went on to show that you're far more likely to earn $500 a month than to save up $200,000.

And he's right. (In fact, it's pretty obvious, isn't it?)

I'm not disagreeing with him.

My point is simply this: why are we talking about making $500 a month?


Many people -- including this particular fellow -- like to point out that a simple $500 a month increase in income would "take the pressure" off most families. Sometimes you hear it said that "90% of bankruptcies could be avoided if the household were earning just $500 more per month."

And there's the problem....

These examples sound good and look good on paper. But the truth is that if you're almost bankrupt and you suddenly get $500 a month coming in......well, you're still living at the poverty line!

Get that.

No, really get that.

If you put $500 into the budget of the average person who's struggling, they will still find a way to be broke as a convict within 6 months. You're just postponing the inevitable.

You're just re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

====> So, what's the solution?

Simply this: when people understand that they can earn FIVE THOUSAND dollars per month...or FIFTY-FIVE thousand dollars per month with no more time, work or effort than it takes to earn $500 in an MLM program....

...why settle for shooting low?

When you consider that earning $500 a month in an MLM is going to require you to spend, say, 'X' amount of time and energy in lead generation, prospecting, presenting and followup.... have to understand that the people earning $50,000 per month aren't working 100 times harder than you. Or 100 times more hours.

They're simply working in a business that gives higher rewards for the amount of time and energy they DO spend.

It's simply a matter of asking yourself, "What's my time worth?"

Because -- when you really understand that I didn't work any harder last week to earn $14,000 than someone else who earned $200......

...then you've figured it out.

It's all about leverage and vision.

Tony Rush

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