Sunday, May 07, 2006

Success Is Easy -- Don't Let Anyone Tell You Differently

Success is easy. Don't let anyone tell you any differently.

When I understood that I didn't have to be "good at this business" to make tons of money, my perspective on everything changed. Oh, sure you need certain skills. You need to be able to communicate.

But, ultimately, the reason people succeed is because of who they are BEing. Not how slick they are.

How many times have you heard that you have to work hard to be successful? Let me share a secret with you: the people who told you that are the ones who have experienced life as hard. They want you to experience it the same way so you could join them and they wouldn't feel lonely in their difficulty.

Let me be clear: the people who sell you on the struggle of life are those who -- by virtue of that struggle -- know little about how to make it. It's best not to take them as your advisors.

The idea that success is difficult or that it requires hard work is nonsense. If you are struggling, it's simply because you're not doing it right. You're lacking awareness. And once you become aware of what's causing your struggle and how to resolve it -- poof! -- suddenly it's very easy!

Think about this for yourself. Haven't you seen this a million times in your own life? Remember how hard it was to ride a bike as a child.....and then you became "aware" of what was required.....then, within a single day, you were racing your friends around the block and practicing wheelies. See, it wasn't really hard. You just weren't aware.

Look at the guy who types with the "hunt-and-peck" method. He's typing 7 words a minute. If he would invest a bit of time in his own awareness, he could type 70 words a minute without any effort at all. It's easy!

"Easy". It's not a bad word as some in our industry like to imply. It's a good word. The only thing that makes something hard is a lack of awareness. And it's true in every area of life...even making money from home.

But it's not surprising that we struggle, is it? There are some groups and individuals who have a vested interest in playing to the lowest common denominator. After all, aren't some of you already disagreeing with this little post on a message board? What would things be like if a politician stood up on national television and said, "Hey, this country is really pretty abundant. It's really pretty easy to make a lot of money. In fact, anyone not making $100,000 per year is going to be fined for lack of effort!"

That speech would go over like a diaper in the punchbowl.

And, from an emotional standpoint, people have a vested interest in setting their sights low. That way you don't have to do too much to get patted on the back. And if you fail....well, you didn't fail by much either.

Meanwhile, a smaller group of people understand that any challenges or frustrations they have are their own creation. A reflection of their own mindset. A result of their own lack of awareness. So, their solution is simple: they just focus on becoming more aware. Because, once the awareness is in's easy.

It's a good word.

So, don't buy into the attitude that says "Success is difficult and requires a lot of hard work". If you accept that as your belief, you'll most certainly experience that.

Why not adopt the attitude that success is easy and that you are JUST the kind of person who can start today and knock the cover off the ball? Because that's the real truth. That's who you REALLY are.

So, why not drop the story of struggle and hard work and start being who you really are?

Success is easy. Don't let anyone tell you differently.

Tony Rush
Summit Advisor
Liberty League International

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