Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Aloha from Hawaii!

Aloha! I'm writing this from our suite at the Waikoloa Village on the big island of Hawaii -- we've been here for three days and are having a blast. This is Liberty League's 2nd annual Liberty Conference for 2006. We got the event started last night with a Welcome Gala and some incredible food and entertainment.

More than 2,000 people have flown from all over the world to attend this event. From a personal development standpoint, the results of a Liberty Conference are always oustanding. You can see testimonials and information about past events by visiting this website.

And one cannot ignore the obvious financial success represented by another sold-out Liberty event. Company-wide, approximately 1/3 of all those who purchase The Beyond Freedom program will also purchase a ticket (and attend) a Liberty conference. Advisors earn a $5,000 profit on each ticket sold. So, you can easily see the income potential this offers.

To put this into perspective: imagine building a team of just 60 people. Assuming the company statistics of 1/3 of them attending the Liberty Conference, that's 20 conference tickets that you would sell at $5,000 profit each.

One hundred thousand dollars.

And keep this in mind: no new marketing, advertising or work is required to generate these ticket sales. This is simply REPEAT business to your existing customer base.

NOW, can you see why so many Liberty League Associates are creating wealth by just working 3-4 hours a day?

Give me a call on my cellphone while I'm in Hawaii. You can reach me at 334-797-8445 -- just be aware of the time difference! Hawaii is six hours behind New York City so I'm usually available between 2pm EST to 3am EST.

To your IMMEDIATE success!

Tony Rush
Summit Advisor, LLI
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