Wednesday, January 03, 2007

You know you're doing something right....

You know you're doing something right when you look on the back of the latest issue of The Robb Report magazine and find an ad for a location where you've already been.

This picture is on the back of the January issue of The Robb Report. I took the same picture when I visited St. Thomas myself.

To get to the top of this mountain, you have to take a cable-car from the marina up about 15 minutes. As you can see, the view is amazing. St. Maarten is close by and is just as luxurious.

You know, Liberty League has allowed me to visit a ton of places I would never have visited otherwise. In the last two years, we've been to Cancun, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Whistler, British Columbia....the list goes on and on. We're going to Australia next -- it's going to be a blast.

Heck, my kids have more stamps in their passports than most grown people. How cool is that?

You should come along. It's just a choice. Get started and watch how much your life changes. Maybe you'll pick up a Robb Report sometime and find a picture of your favorite vacation spot...

Tony Rush
Summit Advisor
Liberty League International

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