Monday, December 03, 2007

A Great Recipe For Failure

If you actually were to assign some "language" to the way most people think, here's what it would look like. And it's a recipe for failure:
I am fed up with this situation I'm in. I'm serious about making a ton of money. I want to start living the life I deserve. I want to get into my dream home. I want to get out of this job and get home with my family. My kids deserve for me to be there. And I want to finally start earning the kind of money I see other people earning. So, I found this great business where people are really earning multiple six-figure incomes and they really look like they're having fun.... I think I'll go talk to all my broke friends about it and ask what they think. Then I think I'll get on the Internet and find a discussion forum and ask those people what they think about it even though I don't know them and I have no idea if they've ever been successful in a home business.
Wow. They were really close there for a moment, weren't they? They had the resolve and they had the decision. And then they made the mistake of listening to people who weren't qualified to advise them.

As crazy as that sounds, that is EXACTLY the kind of process that keeps most people stuck in their lives and frustrated with their situations. They cultivate the belief that making money is "hard" simply because they spend their time polling people who aren't any more successful than they are.

The key to success is simple: make decisions and take actions every day that take you closer to your goals, not further away. And the example above is a guaranteed way to stay stuck and frustrated.

Tony Rush

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