Monday, December 17, 2007

Worst-case scenario?

Someone asked me the other day, "What's the worst case scenario?" regarding Liberty League. This was someone who was asking what kind of results they could expect from following the training that we give all our associates.

Well, there are two answers to the question. I'll give you the mathematical answer first and the "authentic" answer second.

I told this person, "I have no interest in guaranteeing your results. I don't know you. You might be lazy or uncoachable. So, let's find out what you think is reasonable. If we show you how to generate leads and show you exactly WHAT to say and HOW to say it and WHEN to say it....and those people attend the presentation call you many people do you think will get started with you?"

This person said, "I'd say that I should be able to make a couple of sales per week."

I said, "Great. Here's what that would look like if you got started and purchased the Beyond Freedom course as part of your startup costs."

Week One: You complete 2 sales. Congratulations, you're an Advisor.
Week Two: You complete 2 sales. Congratulations, you are now completely in profit.
Week Three: You complete 2 sales. Congratulations, you have earned $2,000.
Week Four: You complete 2 sales. Congratulations, you've earned a total of $4,000+ for your first month in the business.

Wild, huh? Where else can a person get started in a home business, work a few hours a day and earn $4k in their first month?

By the way, here's what that would look like in the SECOND month if nothing changed:

Week One: You complete two sales. You're already an Advisor so you make $2,000.
Week Two: You complete two sales. You've already recouped your startup costs so you make $2,000.
Week Three: You complete two sales. You've earned another $2,000.
Week Four: You complete two sales. Another $2,000 in the bank.

So, in the SECOND month....even if you did nothing different and you didn't earn any money from the other aspects of our pay're now earning $8,000 per month.

In your second month in Liberty League.

Where else can someone generate an annualized $100,000 home-based income within their first 60 days?

So, there you go. That was what this guy called the "worst-case scenario" based on him only doing a couple of sales per week.

But that's not the real answer.

The real answer to the question, "What's the worst-case scenario?" is this: that if you don't get started, your life will probably continue to look like it does right now.

We are where we are because of the decisions we made and the actions we took. What actions and decisions will YOU take today to create the life you deserve?

It's all about choice!

Tony Rush
Executive Marketing Council,
Liberty League

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