Monday, June 16, 2008

Want a screenshot of my Inbox?

Every week I talk to dozens of people. Many of them have already had experience in a home business of some kind and they quit because they didn't have a system in place.

So, one of the questions they ask is: Tony, do you really have a system in place that I can use to get lots of people to respond to my marketing?

And the answer is 'yes'. In fact, here's proof:

All of these are people who have asked me for information on Liberty League International.

Read that again.

These are not purchased leads.
These are not people whose information I bought.

These are real people who know my name and who are expecting a phone call from me. People who have said, "Tony, I have time, money and interest and I want to know more about Liberty League".

How would you like to have a system in place where you can LITERALLY have more people asking you for information than you have time to call back?

It's a blast, I can tell you. In fact, I'll give away many of these leads to my team. Do you want to help me call some of them back?

I work with serious, coachable and trainable people who are dead serious about getting their first $1,000 profit in record time. And if you are that person, then I have absolutely no reservations about making sure you've got people to talk to on your first day in the business.

And you'll also learn EXACTLY how to create "leads on demand" and make sure that you always have more people to talk than you need.

Look at it again:

A good percentage of these people WILL purchase a copy of the Beyond Freedom course from me in the next 72 hours. And I will earn $1,000 profit on each sale.

Wouldn't you like to be in the same business I'm in?

Call me. I'll be traveling on Wednesday but you can reach me on my cell: 334-655-8194. If the voicemail is full, drop me an email to

Tony Rush

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