Friday, April 08, 2005

The hidden block to your prosperity

Are you familiar with the concept that you can never earn more money than your mindset will allow? It's true.
For instance, if you've got a $50,000 mindset and you're in a MILLION dollar opportunity.....

...well, you'll just take that million dollar opportunity and go make
$50,000 with it.
Read that again and you'll find the clue. What's the hidden block that's keeping you from earning the full potential of that business?


That's all. It's not the company. It's not the pay plan. It's not the leads. It's not the system. It's not your sponsor. It's you.

Here's the fact: your best thinking has put you exactly where you are right now. Your current lifestyle is nothing more than an outward reflection of how you think. So, if you don't like where you are and what your thinking has produced, it's time to realize that you can change your situation in a heartbeat. It starts with a simple decision to be open to more prosperity in your life and being willing to tap into the thinking of successful people.

The hidden block to your success? You! How soon can you change your thinking?

Tony Rush
"The significant problems we face cannot be solved by the same quality of thinking that created them." -- Albert Einstein

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