Friday, April 15, 2005

Why I chose Liberty League International

I get several people who call me each week asking about the difference between Liberty League International and "those other companies". There are other companies who have a similar pay plan who offer discounted vacations. Others offer downloadable "products" only.

We own a lead company that serves clients in 26 different companies. Because of this, I talk to dozens of distributors each week in various companies. Some of the top earners of these companies are in our database of clients.

So, when we started looking at Liberty League, we naturally checked out their competitors. Or, rather, the companies that offered a similar pay plan. (Liberty League International has no direct sales compeition on their product. I'm not aware of any company producing a product remotely like theirs.)

In the end, we chose Liberty League deliberately. Here are some of the reasons that we didn't go with the "other" companies offering similar pay plans.

I like that it's not being run from a foreign country. I like the fact that Liberty League International is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and not an offshore country. I like the fact that the company is structured according to laws that protect the consumer.

I like that there's a real home office. A real customer service staff. A real phone number. A real building that you could actually walk into and see a receptionist who says, Welcome to Liberty League International...can I help you? Whether you'd ever visit or not, it's nice to know that it's not being run out of someone's basement and presenting itself as grander than it really is.

I like that a customer orders their Beyond Freedom course and gets a big brown truck pulling up in their driveway with big box full of CDs, DVD, etc. Not just a link to go download an ebook. The product is tangible and has intrinsic value to the end consumer. It's not just a token product that's in place to allow people to move money around.

I like that the company stands behind its product with an unconditional money-back guarantee. I like that a customer can evaluate the product and choose whether it's worth the purchase price. They have plenty of time after receiving the product to determine its value in their life and to choose to keep it or request a 100% refund.

I like that the company provides a "no-guesswork" bluepint instead of leaving their reps to figure out the business on their own. I like that they have 29 live guest presentations every week as well as 14 live training calls. I love that a person can join the business and actually see financial results in their first 48-72 hours. (As a sidenote, we do lots of training for lots of companies. I've never had an LLI client who called me requesting training on how to work the business. I have, however, trained several people in the vacation and ebook companies.)

I looked at the other companies. I didn't see what I saw at Liberty League International. Oh, I saw a 7-minute flash presentation. I heard some good conference calls. But, those are easy to come by. Lots of companies have those.

But, when I got a plane and sat down with the founder of Liberty League International, I saw what I did NOT see in the other companies: a true system where someone can build a large immediate income with a valuable product that people actually WANT....and a long-term income potential that's based on a company that's here to stay.

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