Saturday, September 02, 2006

"But, what about residual income?"

One of the questions I occasionally get from network marketers who are interested at Liberty League International is "But, what about residual income? If no one has to buy products every month...aren't you only as good as your last sale?

It's a common assumption, I guess, for those who equate "direct sales" with businesses like Tupperware or Pampered Chef. After many spatulas and mixing bowls do you really need?

But, the assumption here is overwhelmingly incorrect when applied to Liberty League. Off the top of my head, I can think of at least FIVE different passive income streams offered by Liberty League International. Passive sales of all three of our products, the unadvertised bonus pool (an opportunity to get paid on EVERY Beyond Freedom sale made in the entire company AND to earn a vested position for life), and the new Revenue Reimbursement program which pays an ongoing residual for all conference re-attendees.

In other words: it ain't your grandfather's direct sales business. It ain't selling brushes door-to-door. And it's sure as heck not whatever the copycats are doing this month to try to play catch-up!

Get the details for yourself! Give me a call and I'll be glad to invest some time with you to introduce you to the exciting differences of Liberty League International!

Tony Rush

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