Monday, September 11, 2006

"Where were you on September 11th?" -- A Different Look

On September 11th, 2001, I was at home with my family. My mother called and asked if we were watching television. We weren't. When she told me a plane had hit the World Trade Center, I figured she meant that a pilot of a small 4-seater had gotten off course or had an accident. I had no idea what she meant until I turned on the TV. What a day of shock.

September 11, 2001 was five years ago. It's amazing how fast it goes. It doesn't seem like it, does it?

Is life any different for you?

Are your finances better? If not, why not?
Are your relationships better? If not, why not?
How many different MLM companies have you been with? Why?
Is you health better? If not, why not?
What bad habits have you eliminated from your life?
How many times have you rewritten your vision?
How many times have you redone your dream board?
How many vivid memories have you created?
How much of the world have you seen?
How many new solid friendships have you developed?
How many items on your "Top 100 Reasons" list have you accomplished?

Think about it. Really think about it. Because -- if your quality of life hasn't changed in five's not likely going to be any different 6 months from today. Or one year. Or another five years.

Life's too short to not make any progress. Think about it.

Tony Rush
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