Monday, September 04, 2006

Where Is Your Arrow Aimed?

I got this from my friend Michael Lemm. It's a good story:

Robin Hood lay dying. Maid Marion gathered the Merry Men to hear his last words and dying wishes.

'Good Friar Tuck', he said. 'Please open yon window that I may gaze one last time upon my beloved Sherwood.

'Sweet Marion, place the downy pillow under my shoulder that I may rest thereon. 'Little John, my old friend, hand me my trusted long bow fashioned from the springy yew tree.

'Honest Will Scarlet, pass me an arrow crafted of birch, fletched with the feathers of the King's grey goose.'

As each one quietly and reverently did as asked, Robin Hood gasped his instructions, 'Now I bid thee, swear an oath on my life'. 'On thy life, old friend', they choked, struggling to hold back their tears. As he pressed the feathered arrow shaft to his lips and drew back the bow with all his strength, Robin Hood uttered his last words. 'Your pledge: Where this arrow falls there I will be buried.'

Solemnly they pledged and two days later they buried him on top of the dressing table.

The dying Robin Hood had the same problem most people have when trying to find a way to create more money in their lives: he aimed too low.

Do you REALLY want to spend your time doing home parties or peddling vitamins to your friends and family so that you can earn an extra $1,000 per month? Is that REALLY what you want?

When you understand that you really CAN create whatever results you want....doesn't it make much more sense to apply the SAME amount of time and effort into a business where you can earn a CEO's income in as little as 6 months? Doesn't it make more sense to work in a business where you can earn thousands of dollars in your first week as opposed to postponing your dreams for 3-5 years?

Sure it does. So, why don't more people do it? Because they've bought the lie that they have to aim low before they can aim high. And that's a lie that keeps people stuck in mediocrity.

Where are you aiming your arrow? At what you REALLY want? Or only at what you think you can accomplish?

Tony Rush
The Official Liberty League website

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