Saturday, September 02, 2006

Liberty League reps receive MORE money in the pay plan!

Once again, Liberty League International pulls away from the pack by making an already-incredible opportunity even better.

On August 26th, LLI announced pay plan enhancements that will literally QUADRUPLE the earnings of many distributors.

Enhancing the residual aspect of the pay plan, qualified Advisors will now earn profits on repeat conference ticket sales.

Formerly, event conference tickets carried a one-time profit at the time of sale. So, someone who had, say, 20 people on their team who purchased a ticket to attend a 3-day Liberty Conference in an prosperous resort in an ultra-exotic part of the world....they earned $100,000 on the sale of those tickets ($5,000 profit each).

With the new enhancement -- called "Revenue Reimbursement" -- qualified Advisors can receive $1,000 profits on repeat Liberty ticket sales to their group and $1,500 profits on repeat Summit ticket sales.

The most obvious aspect of this enhancement is that no new work, marketing or advertising is required to earn this money....this is repeat business to the existing customer base and is actually business that is already on the table. These are tickets that were going to be sold anyway.

So, in the example above, when those 20 people choose to RE-attend a Liberty conference at a later date, the company will pay a $20,000 residual income to the eligible Advisor. These funds will be paid directly to the qualified Advisor approximately two weeks before the event.

Can you imagine picking up a $20,000 residual check in the mail simply because your team attended an event that they were going to attend anyway?

Buckle your seatbelt folks....this is just the tip of the iceberg! Stay tuned!

Tony Rush
Summit Advisor
Liberty League International

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